About me

About me

A little about me.......I am Canadian. I love dill pickles. My favorite time to work is late in the evening. I have a high tolerance for hot, spicy food. I spend all my money on home renovations and camera equipment. We have a little girl, named Avalon, I was never very good with kids until she came along and showed me how to be. My husband can fix anything and is an amazing cook. I volunteer for Hospice of Kona by gifting family portraits to patients and their families during their most fragile time. I live in paradise. I love meeting new people. I love weddings. I have the best job in the world. My photography style is very casual, I'm usually photographing people outside working with available light and the Big Island's beautiful scenery, but I also like to light my subjects for dramatic sunset imagery. I'm flexible and I like input from my subjects, this is what ultimately brings out their personalities in the images I take of them. I enjoy posing people for fun, original pictures, but I also try to take a lot of impromptu pictures that capture the joy and emotion of the moment. I am committed to living up to the gift I've been given in serving couples and families in Hawaii and all over the nation.

My Team:

If you’ve hired me for 3 hrs or more I’ll be bringing some help with me- most likely in the form of Hannah or Rick!

Hannah Cooper is my 2nd photographer, main lighting and editing assistant. Hannah grew up taking photos in Upstate NY. She found her way to Hawaii through an internship and fell in love. Besides snapping photos, Hannah loves to paint, write, and play with her dog Luna. You can usually find her somewhere eating pizza or getting her groove on on a dance floor. She also loves  Fleetwood Mac, playing pool, and going to thrift stores!


Rick Mount
  Rick is originally from Philly and he makes a mean Philly cheese steak. When not shooting or playing with his drone, he spends his free time with his little girl, Rosie,  fulfilling his duties as a roller derby husband, and reigning in his rambunctious puppies, Gumbo & Gidget!


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