The Taylor Ladies, Anaeho’omalu Bay Waikoloa, Big Island of Hawaii

I was so excited when Morgan, my lighting assistant asked me to do a mother daughter photo session with her, her sister Sara and and her mom Cheri! The Taylor ladies are all  beautiful and easy to photograph, very natural in front of the camera. We had the best time that day. It was so great to have a group of girls together with nothing but positive happy energy! After this shoot, I realized how awesome mother daughter photo sessions are. Years from now, when Morgan and Sara have left home or get married, Cheri will look back at these photos and always remember the day she and her daughter got glammed up for a photo shoot at Anaeho’omalu beach.

Thank you, lovely Taylor ladies, for making this shoot so amazing.

Jewelry: Dragonfly Diva by Cara Hollenbeck

Makeup Artist: Grace Artistry by Gracia Malendres

@ 1 month / Kona Newborn Photography

It’s been a while since I’ve photographed a newborn and I’ve been needing a baby fix! I was so excited to meet little baby Kam yesterday in his 1st month of life. He is absolutely gorgeous with the most perfect skin and lips, I could have taken him home with me. His mom and tutu are very smitten with him and I’m so honored they chose me to photograph him. He loved getting his photo taken and gave us lots of adorable smiles once he woke up! Congratulations Kam family, I enjoyed spending time with you all today!



The Conroy Family / Kailua Kona / Big Island of Hawaii

For the past three years, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the awesome Conroy family. Ryan is a fun & frequently silly dad, definitely not afraid to do anything to get a giggle out of his kids……and I mean ANYTHING…..Mataya is the quiet reserved one, but, she also lives with Ryan, so she’s used to a lot of wacky stuff and pretty much nothing surprises her…….they are up for any creative ideas I throw at them, I know them well, and I like to try out new things with them, and that’s why I can ask them to do stuff like, “walk out into the grassy lava field on the side of the highway, put the kids in the red radio flyer wagon, hold this umbrella and jump up in the air as high as you can (with your high heels on please, Mataya)!”.

English Family / Waikoloa Beach Marriott, Big Island of Hawaii

I photographed the English Family at A-bay in Waikoloa a few weeks ago. The photo session started at 4:30pm, we went up and down the beach having fun and taking photos for about an hour and a half, and then had an amazing sunset at around 6:15pm. Little Paige was in good spirits for the entire photo session! I have so many great photos from this session, I’m having trouble narrowing them down!

Anaehoomalu Bay Waikoloa photography

Waikoloa family photos

Waikoloa Beach photographer