Hilo wedding, Julia & Kentaro

Julia was born an Aquarius, ever ready for new adventures! She’s an orange food maniac, her motto is “life without almonds, yams and papayas is no life at all.” She’s also an amateur hiker, interior designer and professional doodler. Julia is the young mother of five (plushies), Snowball, Coconut, Boo, Xiao Niu and Pooh. Julia is also an avid crafter and made all the wedding details herself! Kentaro was born a Virgo, ever ready to organize and analyze! He enjoys a balanced diet of bubble tea and softserve! He is an avid listener of electronic music and a Beatles fanatic! When he’s not shaking it to Strawberry Fields, he is a web developer and electronic music maker. They are both former Toastmasters members and first met at a local Toastmasters speaking contest. Some weeks later they met again at another Toastmasters event and exchanged Facebook details. After dating and living together for 2 years, Kentaro proposed to Julia in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Inside the park is Stow Lake where they often would walk together and discuss their ideals and hopes for the future. On the day of the proposal they walked together to a Pogoda beside the lake, which was gifted from Taiwan. There Julia accepted Kentaro’s proposal and they were officially engaged! While being together, the two have enjoyed traveling and eating around the world. They chose the Big Island of Hawaii as their wedding destination and were both full of joy and smiles the day of. My guess is that these two will enjoy a long and happy marriage together, filled with good food, good music, and memories to cherish for the rest of their lives. Congratulations Julia and Kentaro!

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Hilo Hawaii Wedding Details

Big Island Hawaii Wedding Details

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Hilo Big Island Hawaii Wedding Flowers

Hilo Hawaii Wedding Groom Photography

Hilo Wedding Bride Photography

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Hilo Wedding Big Island Hawaii Photography

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Big Island Hawaii Wedding Photography

Hilo Wedding Ceremony Photographer

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Hilo Hawaii Wedding Details

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Big Island Hawaii Wedding Reception

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Wedding Coordinator : Li Ching, Shiang.yi.chin@gmail.com
Videographer: Guillermo (Willy) Navarro, KonaHawaiiPhotographer.com & Image Sense Hawaii
DJ:Tianamaria Malone-Jennings
Hair & Make Up: Tiffany, Natural Beauty & Spa & Massage
Tent: Paul Simms, Big Island Tents
Location: Koae Rd. Papaikou Vacation Rental, One of Hawaii’s Most Secluded Ocean Front Estates