Melissa and Kevin, Trash the Dress, Big Island of Hawaii

The concept of trash the dress is a relatively new tradition and as far from your grandmother’s wedding had as you could imagine. Your grandmother would have kept her wedding dress in the hopes that her daughter or granddaughter could make use of it. Today, a wedding dress represents a moment in time, and if you’re looking for something fun to do with that dress after the wedding, trash the dress photos may be just what you’re looking for! Your never gonna wear the dress again, right? Get creative, “Trash the Dress” in your own special way!

Melissa contacted me a few months ago and was interested in doing a trash the dress session with Kevin while on their Hawaii vacation “to celebrate their anniversary and the fact that her dress still fits after 2 babies and 15 years”. How great is that? Melissa, Kevin and I met up a Kikaua Point, got in the water and had a great time and got some great shots. The hardest part of blogging has got to be narrowing down which images to include! I hear over and over from my clients how hard it is to choose which images from the wedding to include in the wedding album and of course I can totally relate! Here are a few from Melissa and Kevin’s trash the dress session…..