Shawn and Dani, engagement, old Kona Airport, Big Island of Hawaii

Shawn and Dani were a fun couple to photograph, I had a great time at the beach with them. Instantly I felt like I were hanging out with two good friends. To those who already know Shawn, you likely already know he’s a pretty fun-loving guy. He definitely has a humorous side to his personality and additionally he’s absolutely in love with his stunning fiancé Dani. Dani’s incredibly sweet, and as you can see a gorgeous blonde beauty. As a couple together, there’s a lot of chemistry and they are a perfect match for each other.

For Shawn and Dani’s engagement session, we decided on Old Kona Airport State Park. While out on the couple’s session, we were all laughing nearly the entire time. Especially because of Shawn’s welcoming and inviting sense of humor. Thanks Shawn for keeping the photographer laughing, and for keeping Dani smiling. Shawn and Dani were down for just about anything like walking through the long grass and mesquite trees behind the beach area and hiking and climbing all over the lava rock that Big Island is known for. As always, we had a great time and captured a variety of photo styles and unique engagement pictures.

Shawn actually proposed to Dani the day before our session, at Kulaniapia Falls, a private waterfall located on the grounds of the Inn at Kulaniapia Falls, which includes 22 lush, tropical acres with waterfalls, Bamboo Garden, Hiking Trails and vistas of unrivaled pristine beauty. Kulaniapia Falls is just north of Hilo, Hawaii, on the Hamakua Coast.  Dani though Shawn was just setting his camera up for a picture, but as she approached, he got down on one knee, held out his hand which was holding a ring box and popped the question! Dani said yes before even looking a the ring…..and the ring is amazing, the diamond has been in Shawn’s family since the 1920’s, it belonged to his great great aunt!