The Taylor Ladies, Anaeho’omalu Bay Waikoloa, Big Island of Hawaii

I was so excited when Morgan, my lighting assistant asked me to do a mother daughter photo session with her, her sister Sara and and her mom Cheri! The Taylor ladies are all  beautiful and easy to photograph, very natural in front of the camera. We had the best time that day. It was so great to have a group of girls together with nothing but positive happy energy! After this shoot, I realized how awesome mother daughter photo sessions are. Years from now, when Morgan and Sara have left home or get married, Cheri will look back at these photos and always remember the day she and her daughter got glammed up for a photo shoot at Anaeho’omalu beach.

Thank you, lovely Taylor ladies, for making this shoot so amazing.

Jewelry: Dragonfly Diva by Cara Hollenbeck

Makeup Artist: Grace Artistry by Gracia Malendres

Dragonfly Diva jewellery / Hilton Waikoloa, Big Island of Hawaii

I had a great afternoon yesterday with Cara Hollenbeck from Dragonfly Diva. Dragonfly Diva is a line of sexy, handmade jewellery by Cara, she wanted her latest creations photographed for her new website, which is currently under construction. I spent the afternoon with Cara and four of her friends/models, Ellen Hiromasa, Cheri Vann-Taylor, Sara Taylor and Morgan Taylor on the grounds at the Hilton Waikoloa. We walked the grounds and did various shots in different locations, ending up in the pool and hot tub.

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