Karen and Aaron, Puako Beach, Big Island of Hawaii

Admittedly, a wedding photographer should not be promoting eloping … but it is so fun! I know I live in a beautiful, special place and I’m always intrigued when people from out of the area come to the Big Island to elope. Karen and Aaron came all the way from Vancouver, Canada, and eloped at Puako Beach yesterday, and they had a blast.  Photographing elopements is a beautiful thing because it is simply about the love between two people. Karen and Aaron are fantastic people and their wedding, standing out on the lava rocks was simply breathtaking.  Karen and I had e-mailed back and forth a few times in the past few months, deciding on locations and details, they chose Rev. Patrick Thompson to perform the ceremony, and we decided to time their 15 min ceremony so that the sun would be setting by the end of our one hour photo session….gorgeous!