Family photos on Hawaii’s Big Island, Tran family

It’s amazing the memories we have from our childhood.

Funnily enough, those memories deeply etched in my mind are the simplest moments with my family. My parents always had time for me. They made me feel good and special and loved. I can’t thank them enough for this.

As an adult, I realize now how hard this must have been. There are a million and one things to get done during the day. But I remember how wonderful it felt to have their undivided attention, to hang out together, to chat, and to laugh…special memories that I am forever grateful for.

Photographing this wonderful family embraced all of that. Simple, pure, heartfelt moments that unfolded one after the other.

I was in awe at the way they interacted and treated each other. Such kindness, such consideration. Such love. It really was beautiful on another level.

The Tran family lives in Hilo, and they booked a staycation at the Waikoloa Marriott Resort to celebrate Lillian & Justin’s 10 year anniversary. When we discussed the setting for their family photos, we decided on nearby Waikoloa Beach. They wanted a combination of family photos as well as some romantic couples photos. I asked them what their favorite thing to do as a family was and this was it, jokes, tickles, singing, dancing, spending quality time together, so we did just that!

It’s so important to me when photographing a family session like this to let the kids be themselves, let them have fun and allow the parents to enjoy this too. I really strive to capture personalities. Life can get so chaotic, so these are the moments you will want to remember. Their little personalities (naughty and adorable), tiny teethy smiles, mischievous dimpled hands, laughter, cries, tears and all.

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Waikoloa A-Bay Family
Family photos by Karen Loudon
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Family photography at the Marriott Waikoloa Beach Resort
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