Sunshower Farms wedding, Holualoa, Hawaii, Christine & K.O.

K.O. and Christine met overseas on a humanitarian medical mission for the US Navy. They risked it all to be together! They had to keep their love a secret for 3 years due to their job positions. Now that the secret’s out, they’re so happy to be able to finally share their love with everyone they care about.

This brave couple’s wedding took place at Sunshower Farms, an intimate family-owned coffee farm in Holualoa, on the Big Island of Hawaii. The ceremony took place in front of a small banana grove, fitting as banana trees are thought to bring wealth, happiness, and bless couples with a good marriage! Later on, the wedding guests dined under a dramatic floral canopy by Lalamiloflowergirl on the back lanai of the house overlooking the ocean.

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