Wailea Maui, White Rock Beach wedding, Julie & Ryan

Dating is difficult under the best of circumstances, Julie & Ryan dated for eight years and a lot of that time she was really sick, for these two, their bond became even closer over the course of their relationship. As a team, they fought Julie’s illness head-on, fighting right back at it. Their story is an inspiring triumph of human spirit and courage, compassion and love between two people who asked for nothing more in life than to have each other in it. They wanted their wedding to be a new chapter in their love story.

When Julie & Ryan first inquired about photographing their Maui wedding, she wrote that her heart sank when she figured out that I wasn’t based in Maui but, after reading that I will travel, she had hope! From Julie, “I have been searching and searching through a million photos and websites and nothing has been my perfect fit, until now. Your photographs are gorgeous and exactly what I am looking for. Please tell me that you aren’t totally booked and that you would be able to come to Maui. I must have you as our photographer!” -talk about an ego boost! I was so flattered by her complements and to be asked to travel, there was no way I wasn’t going to find a way to get myself to Maui to cover their special day! I think the thing I loved the most about their wedding was the way Julie and Ryan clearly adore each other, they are naturally affectionate, and I never had to ask them to put their arms around each other, kiss, or smile at each other since they couldn’t seem to keep from doing that spontaneously!

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